Reviews: Florence B. Price: Concerto in One Movement & Symphony in E Minor


Bob McQuiston of NPR: “Pianist Karen Walwyn provides a magnificent account of the concerto, displaying her considerable technical skills. She receives enthusiastic support from the New Black Music Repertory Ensemble of Columbia College, Chicago under Leslie B. Dunner, who conducts a serviceable account of an early American symphony worthy of being rediscovered.” (Read More)

James Manheim of “The chief attraction in the concerto is the piano part itself, which suggests that Price was a pianist of considerable skills (impressive given her background). Pianist Karen Walwyn is equal to its challenges, and performances by the New Black Repertory Ensemble under Leslie B. Dunner are clean and idiomatic.” (Read More)

Chris Hathaway of 91.7 KUHA FM: “Walwyn plays with a virtuosity and spirit entirely appropriate to the music. The orchestra is first-rate. There are more than a few echoes of Dvorák in the music. What is more important is that the score shows that Price herself was a fine pianist…” (Read More)

Lynn René Bayley of Fanfare Magazine: “Karen Walwyn is an excellent pianist, and her playing in the concerto lends a wonderful air of breathless excitement to the proceedings. I cannot recommend it highly enough.” (Read More)

Carrie Allen Tipton of Black Grooves: “…quite neoromantic is the virtuosity of the Concerto’s piano part, which the composer played at its 1934 debut and which is ably and clearly performed here by Karen Walwyn.” (Read More)