Baby Asleep by Florence Price, for her daughter, Florence

Article: “Florence B. Price”

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Dr. Karen Walwyn

Price’s Concerto in One Movement was premiered by pianist Margaret Bonds under the direction of Maestro Ebba Sundstrom with the Women’s Symphony Orchestra of Chicago at the 1933-34 World’s Fair in Chicago

Emmy nominated, The Caged Bird was created by Producer James Greeson. Karen Walwyn is the featured pianist in the DVD. Click here to see an excerpt of the DVD. It is currently available on or at the following website address:

Dr. Lia Jenson -Abbott Speaks on Florence Price

Read Abbott’s Words on Price

Click here to listen to excerpt of Concerto in One Movement.
Click here to read review by Bob McQuiston of Florence B. Price Concerto in One Movement, Symphony in E Minor. Karen Walwyn is solo pianist.

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